This is a work in progress - and is presently but a repository for parts of a whole!

Here's what's here right now:

An archive of some of my teaching work

An archive of material from my past research work

Rob's Rail Transit Suggestion, a proposed route for the Central Corridor LRT project connecting Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Some tips for someone trying to fix a garage door opener, and suspecting their 14LG410A sensor/encoder is the problem

Help for anyone struggling with a "Printer not responding! Default values assigned!" error in Agilent's Chemstation Software

A list of useful but poorly-documented programs built into Microsoft Windows, and other handy computer tips and shortcuts

An MP3 of a BBC World Service segment in which I was a participant

A link to Hennepin County's superb biking resources, including great maps.

Information on where your energies are best focused if you wish to be environmentally responsible.

For those who are confused when I explain that Cookie Monster is (almost) my favorite rapper (second only to Gil-Scott Heron), YouTube has come to my rescue:
    Healthy Food - Rappin' wit' R

On the subject of music, my favorite synthpop/industrial is all right here, tied up with a bow:
    Real Synthetic Audio - Listener's Month - May 17, 2010 (mp3)
To learn more about the show, visit the RSA homepage.