You are probably here because, like myself not long ago, you have grown tired of being greeted with "Printer not responding! Default values assigned!" when starting up Agilent's ChemStation software (specifically Chemstation D, in my case at least). I ignored it for a while, but when bringing our instrument computer "up" to Windows 7, I finally hunkered down and spent the time required to figure out what was afoot. This page is meant to save you from spending as much time as I did on it, though I don't have a solution. I just know what the problem is.

If you set your default Methods directory to be anything other than the instrument directory (usually "1") in MSDChem, this seems to happen - no matter what you have set as the default printer in any of the methods you are using, or anywhere else. I tried setting up a alias to point at where I really wanted to store my methods, but that didn't stick: a new Methods folder was created where I indicated, and so methods were not searched for in the right place. I finally resolved myself to just using the default location for method file storage. I'm guessing this problem is the result of some sloppy coding by someone at some point along the line, but who knows.

If you know better than I, by all means please do let me know! I'm the webmaster at this site, so you can deduce my email if you are smart enough to figure how to untie the knot I describe above!