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ENTS 100
Science, Technology, and Public Policy
Spring 2003

Rob Rossi and Joel Weisberg

Energy and Transportation Policy Links

Octane Boosters

Why Octane Rating (ROM) or Anti-Knock Index (AKI) Matters
An "enthusiast's" history of Tetraethyl Lead
A "detractor's" history of Tetraethyl Lead
The Nation article on the Secret History of (Tetraethyl) Lead
The EPA' s brief history of lead poisoning

Background sites and additional information:
Review Article on the History of TEL
The World Health Organization on the health impacts of lead
Another site on the medical effects of lead
A historic letter relevant to the military value of TEL and how this played into Standard Oil being accused of helping Nazi Germany in WWII
Octel Corporation, which is a current major producer of TEL
Ethyl Corporation, the original TEL producer, is still in business
A map from the World Resources Institute indicating which countries still used leaded automotive fuels as of 1998

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Press Releases and Reports:

The Greenhouse Effect (and global climate change?)

A good overall summary on global warming
A somewhat more technical overview presentation on the topic, from the Environmental Protection Agency
The most important greenhouse gases and how long they stick around once we throw them into the atmosphere
An attempt to measure climatic history (in greater detail, with links to the full article)
A good FAQ on Global Warming from the Union of Concerned Scientists, which includes links to the scientific arguments for global warming
A counterpoint to the above from the Heritage Foundation
The Cato Institute presents the scientific arguments against global warming collects and categorizes paper and opinions from a wide range of more electic sources.
The Rand Corporation, a technical think-tank that advises the government, says when you don't know, don't commit (Which is generally our government's motto, too, over the long haul. Rand knows its customer!!!)


How Hybrid Vehicles Work in plain english
The CAFE Standard System
The latest CAFE report from the Department of Transportation
Where does all the energy go?
Look up the efficiency of any US vehicle and also learn about alternative technologies in consumer English
The Department of Energy's site on Alternative Fuels
A report on Minnesota's experiment with ethanol from the state's legislative auditor
All about E10 super unleaded gasoline
AC Propulsion makes the tZero, an electric sports car that kicks bootie, and also has some of the best electric vehicle ideas out there

The Ozone Layer

A good summary on ozone depletion
A bit more information on the history of global CFC regulation and reduction efforts

Prairie Island Nuclear Energy Generation Plant

Prairie Island Nuclear Waste Storage and the Pairie Island Indian Community
MN Department of Commerce FAQ on the issue: see in particular pp. 13-16
An introduction to How Nuclear Power Works
A word from the current operators of Prairie Island
A word from Excel energy, the owners of Prairie Island
A word from one of the key opponents of Prairie Island

Hey...notice how these two pictures of Prairie Island's nuclear facility are meant to bring different images to mind? One's from MPIRG, the other from the're seeing propaganda, folks. Both are "true..."

Primary Energy Generation

Partners for Affordable Energy
Americans for Balanced Energy Choices
RESET Wisconsin
Repower the Midwest
Union of Concerned Scientists
The next big thing - trash into oil?

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