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Chem 370 / ENTS 369
Energy Conversion and Solid-State Devices
Spring 2003
Rob Rossi

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Solver-based least-squares regression spreadsheet (MS Excel format)  
Solver-based least-squares regression spreadsheet modified to work with huge numbers (MS Excel format)

On the temperature dependence of conductivity

Link to Wind Project Resource Page

Link to Alternative Transportation and Energy Page

Other External Links

How a CCD device is manufactured
Czochralski Method Diagram and Pictures from MPI-FKF Stuttgart
Foveon Corporation - Makers of polychromic pixel systems
On the limitations of R-squared
An energy diagram for photosynthesis
The best general overview I could find on photosynthesis
Solar Spectral Data from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Read about the next big thing - trash into oil? in the May issue of Discover Magazine

Prairie Island Nuclear Waste Storage and the Pairie Island Indian Community
MN Department of Commerce FAQ on the issue: see in particular pp. 13-16
An introduction to How Nuclear Power Works
A word from the current operators of Prairie Island
A word from Xcel energy, the owners of Prairie Island
A word from one of the key opponents of Prairie Island
Legal Background - Xcel's recent Report to the Minnesota House
Hey...notice how these two pictures of Prairie Island's nuclear facility are meant to bring different images to mind? One's from MPIRG, the other from the're seeing propaganda, folks. Both are "true..."

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