External Links to Useful Information

Recent Links

A good summary on ozone depletion

A good summary on greenhouse gases

The most important greenhouse gases
A good summary on global warming
An attempt to measure climatic history

WebElements (a neat way to look at periodic trends; this link plunks you into Cu's electronic structure)

How CD-R and CD-RW media work (in detail)

General reference sites that I use often

NIST Chemistry WebBook (A great place to find thermochemical and spectral data!)
Chemfinder (An online version of the Merck Index, if you don't mind pop-up ads and can do without application information.)
The Why Files
How Stuff Works
The Internet FAQ Consortium

The Link Archive (links from earlier in the course)

About leaded gasoline
How water softeners work
How car engines work
How diesel engines work
All about candle flames