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Chemistry 123
Winter 2003
Rob Rossi
The separation between the everyday and the chemical approaches zero as our understanding of each grows.

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Class Stuff

Homework Assignments
Reading Assignments
Print Notes
Office Hours (Rob's Schedule)
Caucus Conferencing System (Our course conference is called "Chemistry 123 Winter 2003")
What do I need to know from Chapters 1 through 5?
Intro Chemistry Self-Placement Exam
Course Syllabus
Plagiarism Handout

Lab Stuff

Nickel Lab Spectra Page (in case you lost yours!)
Lab Syllabus
Lab Schedule
Lab Notebook Guidelines
Sample Lab Notebook Pages
Sample Lab Report (An honest one...)

Exam Stuff

Our Final Exam
Key to Our Final Exam
Last Fall's Final
Key to Last Fall's Final
Last Spring's Final
Key to Last Spring's Final

Our Midterm Exam
Key to Our Midterm Exam
Last Fall's Midterm
Key to Last Fall's Midterm
Last Spring's Midterm
Key to Last Spring's Midterm

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