Technical Services, Solutions, and Support!

Need help with something technical? I can help! If you want to learn, I love to teach! If you just want it taken care of, I can do it right. Examples include:

I make a great first point of contact for businesses and individuals with a technical problem to diagnose, and will offer guidance on how to proceed when I can't help you solve it myself.

How much does it cost? Once your problem is solved and has stayed solved for a while, I ask you to decide what my help was worth. I don't charge a fixed fee or an hourly rate. If you have a sincere need but are tight on resources, I'm still happy to help.

Right now I only work with people I know or have some concrete connection to, like my neighbors and folks at Seward Montessori School. This helps to keep me local, as well as safe.

To inquire about help with your issue, or to get my phone number, please email ts <at>

For information about other topics, please see my personal page. You'll find information there about some technical problems I've solved in the past.